About Us

The Birth of Indigofera

Indigofera Beauty was born because a young black girl from the inner city of Philadelphia, growing up in a single parent home, refused to accept the limitations placed on her by society.

While traveling to Senegal, West Africa in the year 2000, she watched creative women operate microbusinesses along the streets of Dakar selling everything from fresh fruit to handmade colorful textiles. These women began with what they had, simplifying the process of starting a business.

Once Chanelle returned home to America, she launched Indigofera, “treasures for body mind and soul.” Her first collection included natural body care, gemstone jewelry, aromatherapy and imported textiles. “Indigofera” represents the beauty of the earth’s gifts and Chanelle was intentional about inspiring women to self-love, light filled living and authenticity.

Indigofera’s philosophy was influenced by African consciousness, holistic healing modalities, African esthetics of beauty and the Kwanzaa principles cooperative economics and self-determination. 

Indigofera is more than a label on a jar. 

For over 16 years radiant women from across the globe have fallen in love with signature plant based products such as Organic Hair Souffle’, Fresh Pineapple Body Butter & Aura Oils.

Today Chanelle speaks to women and teaches them to illuminate their businesses with joy, confidence and abundance. She is the author of Radiant Living and lives in Atlanta, Georgia with her daughter Sanai.

Be Radiantly Beautiful,