Nourishing Hair Milk

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Indigofera Nourishing Hair Milk
Natural Hair Care Product 
Sheer Moisture Lotion
8 oz bottle

"So, far my favorite product! I've had bad experiences with lighter moisturizers either not really doing the job or being so heavy that they caused massive build up in my locs that only a major rinse could get out. Not so with the hair milk. Not only does it make my hair super soft, the very texture of my locs themselves have gotten softer as well."

Transform dry, brittle, and unmanageable hair with Indigofera’s newest beauty solution! Our Nourishing Hair Milk is a sheer, moisture-rich cream formulated from pure aloe, virgin coconut oil, and luscious avocado oil. We added our lemongrass 100% essential oil to our Nourishing Hair Milk for a revitalizing citrusy aroma. Our luxurious plant based ingredients won’t weigh hair down or melt in the hot summer sun. A lavish way to love your tresses, Nourishing Hair Milk is perfect for transitioning, curls, twists, locks, and all natural styles. Bottled for You: Indigofera’s Nourishing Hair Milk is packaged in a convenient bottle for your dispensing ease and enjoyment. 

consistency (light lotion)
packaging (natural bottle/white disc cap)
scent (signature lemongrass, fragrance free)

All Indigofera Hair Care products are petroleum and paraben free. We never use SLS, synthetic fragrance or dyes. Vegan. Premium formulas, infused with 100% Essential Oils.

Hair Care Ritual: Nourish Apply Nourishing Hair Milk to damp tresses after cleansing with our Aromatic Hair Cleanser and restoring with our Botanical Conditioning Cream. Leave in and style as desired. During the week, continue to hydrate with hydrating hair mist and reapply Nourishing Hair Milk as needed for envious softness and shine! 
Kim Chaison
Austin, Texas

Plant Based Ingredients: Pure Aloe, Purified H 2 O Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, Avocado Oil, Vegetable Gylcerin, Plant Emulsifiers, Lemongrass Essential Oil, paraben free perservative.

Client Testimonial
"This was a great buy. I find myself reordering these products alot. Way better than Carol's Daughter or Miss Jessie's--the ingredients are superior and they penetrate the hair, not lie on top of it. Mega moisture= NO BREAkage ladies!!!!"

Convo me with questions, I am always happy to help.