Grow Your Hair Back Ritual Set. Growth Hair Oil. Edges. Thinning.

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Hi Chanelle,

Just want to say that I have been using your products since March of this year. I wish i had heard about your beauty line before. I keep my hair natural, but it was damaged from use of prescription drugs and hair processing. I can now see the new growth taking place, and I am very pleased with the results. I wish you could see me each day with my mirror, examining the new growth taking place :-)

I especially love using the Follicle Elixir!

Thanks again. I've recommended these products to family members and friends.

Pat H.

Rejuvenate Follicle Elixir 4 oz
Aromatic Hair Cleanser 8 oz
Botanical Conditioning Creme 8oz
Nourishing Hair Milk 8 oz
Hydrating Hair Mist 8 oz

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"I had to bring this back, by popular demand."

Indigofera'a proprietary formula to encourage thicker, healthy more lustrous hair. I've researched planted based ingredients, herbs and essential oils from around to world to create this masterful blend. 

Heat abuse, thinning from tension styles , chronic illness, genetic, nutritional deficiencies, and chemical damage all contribute to hair loss and thinning. 

Rejuvenate Follicle Elixir TM comes with Indigofera's Guide to Healthy Hair Growth. 

Consistency (herb infused oil)
Packaging (Brown plastic bottle)
Scent (herbal medicinal)

Hair Care Ritual:
For best results use with Indigofera beauty solutions for cleansing, restoring, moisture and hydration.

Apply ( directly to scalp) to affected areas, temples, crown, hair line etc at bedtime

Gently massage in with the fingertips to help product absorption. Do not rinse out.

Use Daily for a minimum of 45 days.

This product is for holistic cosmetic use only. Not intended to diagnose, cure or treat and medical condition.

All Indigofera Hair Care products are petroleum and paraben free. We never use SLS, synthetic fragrance or dyes. Vegan. Premium formulas, infused with 100% Essential Oils.

Plant Based Ingredients:
100% Castor oil, Lavender and Tea Tree oils; Vitamin E, Sulfur, Biotin, Niacin, Zinc, Capsicum Frutescens - Hand processed using only naturally grown castor beans

Please convo me if you have any allergies or sensitivities prior to ordering.


{Indigofera Client Testimonial}

Shalom Radiant Ones,

I’m a recent customer of Indigofera products and I’ve had the pleasure of speaking with Chanelle; thank you so much for your attention and resolution to my issue during that time. 

With that said, your products are exactly what the hair doctor ordered. I’ve been all natural for 2+ years trying all types of products. I’ve concluded my research and hair product experience with Indigofera. I love the condition and smell of my hair; it’s soft, healthy and beautiful. I rock the 1970’s Angela Davis afro and the 2-strand twistout, sometimes I’ll rollup the ends and get some pretty curls. Your products are supreme in comparison to the so-called best products for natural hair. I’m looking forward to using the latest Indigofera products you just sent me. You’re the best, don’t stop.