Healthy Hair Care Ritual

Proven Method for Beautiful Results

If you are ready to feel wonderful about the way your hair looks and feels, try my 6 healthy hair care essentials. This is the foundation of what had worked for my clients over the years. I have personally grown my own hair to the center of my back with this method. For more natural hair care tips and holistic beauty inspiration be sure of sign up for my free mini course at

Indigofera Healthy Hair Care Essentials TM

1. Self Love & Acceptance
2. Minimize Stress. Clean Eating. Active Lifestyle
3. Commit to Plant Based Hair Care for your Curl Pattern
4. Scalpcare and Stimulation
5. Wear Protective Styles Partner with a ProStylist for color,starter locs or major change)
6. Daily Moisture Rituals - Hydrate Nourish Shine